DOT Drug Testing

All services in strict compliance with DOT Regulations CFR Part 40 Regulations for DOT Drivers.

Drug and Alcohol Testing

We are an Occupational Medicine Clinic dedicated to the business community of South Carolina.  We have over twenty-five years of experience working with the complicated issues of Drug and Alcohol Testing.

We have a certified Medical Review Officer on staff and our specimen collectors are trained and certified.

We offer Comprehensive Drug and Alcohol Testing Programs for  Industry, Workplaces and for CFR Part 40 DOT Regulated Programs.  Our services range from simple specimen collection to Complete Consortium Management.

We serve multiple large companies throughout the stat of South  Carolina, but we can also perform these services for independent and small trucking companies.

  • Collections:  SAMSHA Certified Collectors with many years of experience in the most difficult problems including attempted substitution or dilution of specimens, “shy bladder”, observed specimens and all others.
  • Testing: SAMSHA Certified Laboratories are used for all testing as is required by CFR Part 40
  • Medical Review Officer: Certified Medical Review Officers on Staff, always available to answer your questions and counsel you regarding both Employer and Employee responsibilities in compliance with CFR Part 40 Testing.
  • EAP and SAP Referral: We work closely with you in your Employee Assistance Program. We are available for consultation with and can help you with referrals to a Substance Abuse Professional.
  • 24 Hour Post-Accident Testing: Available On-Site or at our facility for Urine Collection and Breath Alcohol Testing.

Private and Workplace Drug Testing

Multiple types of Drug Testing Programs and Services. We perform drug collection and testing programs in our clinic or on-site at your facility. We provide services to all types of Industry, Private Individuals, Municipalities, Schools and Attorneys.

Specimen Types: Urine Samples for Rapid Testing (same day). Urine Samples for Lab Testing (negative results in 24 hours). Hair Sample Testing. Breath Alcohol and Saliva Testing.

Drug Free Workplace

We can assist you in compliance with the Drug Free Workplace Act and design a program tailored to your requirements.

Policy: Drug Testing Policy addresses issues such as who is subject to testing, types of testing (pre-employment, random, post-accident, reasonable suspicion and return to duty), frequency of testing, etc. Policy also establishes the employees responsiblities regarding specimen collection and the specific consequences for all of the many types of non-negative test results.

Employees are required to certify that they have been trained regarding their responsibilities in the provision of a required urine or other specimen and that they are aware and agree to the other aspects of the Policy.


We can educate your employees in the requirements of your drug testing program and train your managers in implementation, including DER responsibilitities.


We can assist you in the design and implementation of a Drug Free Workplace program in compliance with the Drug Free Workplace Act, including your responsibilities as the employer.


Supervisors should be trained to recognize behavior indicative of drug or alcohol use leading to testing for reasonable suspicion. Direct Supervisors should otherwise not be involved in the testing or reporting process.


Designated Employer Representative, (DER), is appointed and trained as liaison between the Drug Testing Facility and the Employer.


Employees should be thoroughly trained regarding the details of your Drug Testing Policy, their responsibilities in the testing process and the outcome for failure to comply with testing or with the various types of non-negative results

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