Welcome to Carolina Occupational Healthcare

Our medical practice is custom designed to meet the healthcare needs of the workplace.

We have over twenty-five years of experience working closely with employers, insurers and municipalities.

This experience has uniquely positioned us to meet the needs of the corporate community and help you control your companies healthcare costs.

Our primary objective is to provide quality cost efficient healthcare with an emphasis on safety, preventive medicine and streamlined injury case management.

Carolina Occupational Healthcares services are designed to control the costs of diminished productivity by returning the employee back to the workplace as soon as possible.

We provide a wide range of services at our facility or onsite at yours, expanding your employee’s access to quality healthcare.

Who Is Carolina Occupational Healthcare?

Our mission is to provide healthcare that meets the needs of the corporate community.
Our philosophy is that communication and teamwork are the keys to maintaining a healthy and productive workforce. We know that “Good Health is Good Business”.
We will do our best to provide the quality healthcare your company needs  to maintain a healthy and productive worksforce.
Over twenty-five years of experience with workers compensation patient care and comprehensive case management.

What is our focus?

Carolina Occupational Healthcare is a state of the art Occupational Medicine Clinic located in Columbia, SC.
Our medical practice is custom designed to fulfill the specific medical needs of the workplace. We can help lower absenteeism and reduce healthcare, disability and workers compensation costs.
We provide a wide variety of occupational healthcare services exclusively to the business community. We understand return to work issues and OSHA reportable injuries.
We can provide some services at your worksite, which can lower employee down time and increase productivity. We offer on-site DOT Physical Exams, Employment Exams, Drug and Alcohol testing and Immunizations, including Influenza and Hepatitis.